Posted by: Rio | October 6, 2008

October is Rabbit Season!

Everything you need to learn in animation can be found in a classic Looney Tunes short film.  October is Rabbit Season and for my sketchbook, I’ll be breaking this cartoon down to individual animation principles.

You can watch the whole short from my other blog, Drawings in Motion.

Lesson 1 from Chuck Jones’ masterpiece, Rabbit Seasoning: Attitude in expression and posture

A. Every facial expression is crystal clear.  Daffy is not sort of angry, he is clearly angry.

B. The entire body expresses how Daffy feels.

C. His attitude effects how he moves.  Here’s a simplified breakdown of an angry Daffy walking over toward Elmer Fudd to give him a piece of his mind.



  1. good stuff, wes …

  2. Hey Rio!

    Totally awesome stuff mate love your sketches some great mark making here, nice breakdowns of the human form too.


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