Posted by: Rio | October 9, 2008

Rabbit Seasoning Lesson 3: The Attitude Walk

In my latest study of Rabbit Seasoning, I’m taking both previous lessons to the next level and applying both of them to this lesson.  Lesson three is the attitude walk.  In Rabbit Seasoning, every action is driven by the emotions of the characters.  As Ollie Johnston, the legendary Disney animator, always was over heard saying, “What is the character thinking?”  The character’s thoughts drive everything they do.  So, in the following sketches, notice how the characters attitude and emotion drives how they walk.  Daffy is always sneaking around making plans to destroy Bugs Bunny.  Elmer Fudd is tip-toeing through the woods with his rifle in a focused, determined stalk.

Here’s where we take lesson 2 to the next level.  Notice in the drawings above, I’ve also made a study of where the shoulder and hip joints are located during Elmer Fudd’s and Daffy Duck’s walks.  When the leg is out front it will pull that hip joint forward.  When the leg is back, it will pull the joint back.  The same for the arms.  It’s ultimately a study of body mechanics and perspective.  In animation, including all the twisting of the torso, the alternating placement of hip and shoulder joints adds more fluid, believable movement.  It adds depth and perspective.  And, all of this is presented with all three characters in Rabbit Seasoning.

Below, I’ve utilized an attitude walk exercise from Eric Goldberg’s book.  I used his directions and drawings as a guide and animated an attitude walk.  Can you guess the character’s attitude?  It may be difficult since the character has no face.  I’ve worked to apply the lessons discussed above in this animation exercise.


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