Posted by: Rio | October 28, 2008

360 Walk Cycle Progress 1 and Little Girl

It’s been awhile sense my last post.  Work is picking up and school is too.  I’ve been animating, but I haven’t produced really anything I’d like to post.  However, I started a new walk cycle last night and here’s the first progress video.  I also wanted to post an animation exercise I did of a little girl turning her head.

My goal is to go ahead and work in perspective.  I don’t see any reason not to challenge myself.  So, here’s a 360 walk cycle I’m working on.  It will be a person eventually, but I wanted to keep it simple and animate the parts of the person separately.  So far, it’s not timed and the key drawings are evenly spaced.  I simply animated the 5 key positions of the walk and put them on 2 exposures at 24 frames per second.  The animation is looped four times.

I’ve learned plenty of lessons with my past few failed attempts at animating a basic walk and I’m learning plenty with this walk as well.  The next challenge I have is to figure out how to time this walk and how to space out the inbetweens.  The key of this exercise is to learn the proper approach and though process when it comes to planning a walk or any character animation for that matter.

What I learned on the head turn animation was, cleaning up animation is a not an easy thing to do.  Rough pencil test work great because there’s more information for the eye to follow the animation.  However, when you clean up the animation to a single lines, it will look awful if the lines are not precise.  What happens is, things jump all over the place, things get bigger and smaller and the nice animation you worked out, really doesn’t work at all.

To add to the problem, I’m drawing on a tablet and when you put down a line, if the line is too thin, the computer changes the curve of the line.  So, it’s near impossible to retain the integrity of the line even when I know what I’m doing.  Thus, I end up with jumping lines.  Anyway, here’s my head turn exercise.


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